February 28, 2024

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The advantage of giving up gadget-addiction

The advantage of giving up gadget-addiction



By Vijay Phanshkar :


Loud Thinking


THERE is a buzz on the social media that industry tycoon Mr. Anand Mahindra has said that his wife had advised him to throw away his computer and mobile phone so as to ensure better sleep-quality. Mr. Mahindra’s post came as a response to another post that the doctors had advised one Anand to throw away his computer and mobile phone in order to have a sounder sleep. Mr. Mahindra has been described to have clarified that he was not ‘that’ Anand, although his wife, too, had offered him a similar advice. This episode involving the legendary industry captain says it all in favour of a change in the current lifestyle of countless numbers of people for whom computers and mobile phones have become parts of a terrible addiction. Of course, some positive change is being reported on that front — much to the relief of those advocating it. But the example of how Mrs. Anand Mahindra advised her husband to give up his dependency on computers and mobile phones and enjoy a sounder sleep will certainly add much value to people’s general understanding of what kind of benefits they would garner if they stayed away from computers and mobile phones in an obsessive manner.


Let us admit that a complete rejection of computers and mobile phones is not possible in today’s era of technological dominance. But let us also admit that a reasonable restraint can be imposed upon ourselves and ensure better quality of life. One of the most dominant negative traits of the addiction to computers and mobile phones is a constant mental irritation which many do not even notice. That irritation keeps the mind disturbed for obvious reasons and that disturbance affects various physical and mental processes. This has been noticed by researchers as well as medical doctors. The medical doctors often come across cases of people with an eternally irritated mind and lack of sleep — which translates into lesser efficiency at work or studies or any projects where utmost mental concentration is the basic need. Doctors are known to advise their patients to give up their addiction to computers and mobile phones — and enjoy better life. Some good examples also have surfaced of late of people who gave up their emotional dependency on gadgets and took to reading physical books. All such people have subsequently reported a calmer mental state and better physical health for themselves. The loud-thinker is stating this again and again in different ways only because he believes that those who have developed a sinister addiction to computers and mobile phones should give up that vice — and enjoy a happier life.